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Job Description
Provides physician-supervised physical and emotional care for the mother during labor, delivery and postpartum phases. Evaluates progress and manages the labor and delivery. Evaluates and provides immediate care for the normal newborn. Helps the mother to care for herself and her infant.
Responsibilities Include:
1. Performs complete history and physical examination on new patients admitted to the labor room and writes admission notes utilizing the attending physician when appropriate.
Discusses new admissions with the attending physician and nursing staff including noted complications.
Decides who will follow the patient and develops a plan for care.
Performs admissions diagnostics and care including, but not limited to pelvic examination, cervical cultures, drawing bloods, starting intravenous lines.
2. Follows progress of labor of all patients in labor and delivery suite in collaboration with the attending physician and nursing staff.
Monitors fetal heart rate patterns and notifies the appropriate physician of significant deviations.
Examines patients periodically to determine progress in labor with ongoing assessment of maternal and fetal reaction to the progress of labor.
Reports any abnormalities in patient's condition to physician including, but not limited to meconium, bleeding, hypertonic labor, PIH, fetal distress, failure of progress in labor, PROM, malpresentation.
3. Participates in deliveries.
Assists in vaginal deliveries with the attending physician.
Participates at Caesarean sections as 1st or 2nd assistant.
Follows patients as needed in the recovery room and notifies physician of any problems.
4. Initiates routine, physician countersigned, orders in the labor and delivery suite and on the postpartum floor including, but not limited to:
Abdominal or perineal prep, Foley catheter to straight drainage catheterize.
CBC, electrolytes, cross match blood type and hold, urinalysis, urine culture, blood culture, intravenous solutions.
Enemas and laxative.
Vitamins, iron.
Rhogam in Rh negative women, when indicated.
5. Makes daily rounds on routine postpartum floors with the attending or independently.
Examines patients
Writes progress notes
Informs attending and nursing staff of any problems including, but not limited to fever, hemorrhage, UTI, mastitis, maternal/infant problems
6. Reviews, periodically, protocols, policies and procedures.
7. Performs related duties, as required.
Graduate of an accredited Midwifery Program. Masters Degree in Midwifery, preferred.
Current license to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse AND a Nurse Midwife in New York State. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist